Rabin memorial

      The left leaning media, Laborite party and their electorate routinely claim that they present the only western force opposing tribal loyalty, religious fanatics and general backwardness. So it would be interesting to look at the Rabin memorial, installed at the place where assassin's bullets hit the Great Leader, at the corner of place once called Israeli Kings' Square, promptly renamed into Rabin Square.
      In the western folklore, there is a repeating motif of Dragon Blood. As the story goes, when the Dragon Blood is spilled, the land is cursed, the place is scorched and the underground fire burst beneath the rocks. Well, I don't want to say that the Great Leader was indeed the Dragon and Igal Amir was the Liberator. Quite the opposite is true: in my humble opinion, it was far more wise to let the Rabin experience the failure at the voting booth that to kill the Great Leader and give Peres even slim chance to win 1996 elections.
      But that it another story; the amusing part is that presumably world weary, Labor voting and peace loving artisans installed the memorial that convey exactly the message of Dragon Blood - see the picture.

      Amazing, isn't it?