Name: Joseph Hindin
Date of birth: 23/11/67
Address: Golan st. 56/11, Alphei-Menashe, 44851
Immigration to Israel: February, 1991
Telephone: +972-77-7905597, +972-54-5905597 ( mobile )


Windows driver for virtual networking device in QEMU environment
Porting USB stack to different embedded platforms, Windows CE and Linux; maintainig the stack; developing coommunication with iPod; native Android development
Maintaining and developing networking infrastructure for HTTP: DNS client, AIA support for SSL, SMB authentication, high-performance HTTP layer
2005-2007Port Authority
Developing components for network security system
Developing infrastructure for artificial vision
2001-2004 Self-employed.
NT kernel development ( custom SSL implementation ), rsync-like incremental backup library, porting applications from Windows to Linux, robot control library and sample GUI; Developing network-enabled applications for the smartphones, targeting Symbian, PocketPC, J2ME and Palm
1998-2001 ClassData ( in 1999 acquired by Cisco ), software developer
NT kernel development ( bridge with QoS features ); porting applications from Windows NT to Linux; CORBA-based application server; Linux application development; XML/Java processing.
1997-1998 Self-employed.
Implementing projects for Finjan, Cognitens and Mint Technologies
Porting code from Windows NT to Unix and back; 3D data processing; extending Microsoft MFC using Stingray toolkit.
1996-1997 Allot Communications, software developer
Developing QoS system under VxWorks and Linux; Web-enabled managment software for QoS appliance.
1991-1996 Technomatix Technologies, software developer
Porting huge application from SGI workstations to HP, IBM, SUN and Windows NT; tuning 3D graphic performance; Internet-enabling 3D application
1989-1991 Self-employed
small software projects, computer service, etc.
1985-1989 ZIL ( truck-building company in Moscow ), CAD department, software developer
Unix kernel development ( drivers for network and graphic cards ); Suppoting and developing 2D and 3D CAD systems; advanced printing program for document processing system;
1984-1985 Moscow State University, computer operator


1984-1987 Moscow Petrochemical Institute, applied math, evening department

Fields of experience

Networking, 2D and 3D graphics, GUI, Unix/Linux application development, MS Windows

Programming languages:

C/C++, Java, scripting languages

Mobile platforms:

J2ME, Android, Symbian


English, Russian, Hebrew